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Ezusy - images swatches for variable product plugin
Ezusy - images swatches for variable product plugin
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By using our Woocommerce plugin you can generate image swatches to display the available product variable attributes like colors, sizes, styles, etc. You can replace the drop-down fields with image swatches, this is a good way to make your site more professional, and boost your sale.

How is it work?

You will need to add images for your product variation attributes to make it works.

Enter the attribute name that you want to display image swatches. For example in the image above, you can see that the product has two attributes name: "Color" and "Size", then please enter "Color" in Ezusy Settings section.

You also can modify the size of your image swatches on your product page by setting up "Enter the width of images", click Save Changes button.


Download Ezusy app

Please install Image Swatches for Variable Product from here:

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